Sunday, December 1, 2013

CBT Booked

My CBT or for those not in the know Compulsary Basic Training is now booked for next Saturday.

I'm using the companies twist and go scooter for the day so Sunday I'll be out on Lucille come rain or shine giving it a good work out.

I've got to get some miles under my belt so that on the day it's not too much of a shock to be doing several hundred day after day!

My list of spares and equipment seems to be getting longer by the day.

What do you take as spares? You can bet your life the one thing you don't take will be the one thing you need!

So far to be on the safe side I'm opting for oil, spark plugs, throttle and speedo cable, inner tubes and air filter. But do I take spare tyres?

If I rip open a tyre up in the Highlands I could easily loose a day and that is a day I don't really have. Guess I just answered my own question!

Bought a Highlander field stove that is running on a propane and butane mix cartridge. I was thinking of a dual fuel stove as the temperature up North could still cause me problems using just butane. But the cost of those stoves are a bit steep.

Just to let you all know the cost of this trip is being met by myself. All money raised will be going directly to "Help For Heroes" I reckon it's going to cost me around £1500 minimum. But what an experience it will be!

Till later.......

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