Saturday, December 14, 2013

C90 1st Daylight Ride

With a day off I set off on Lucille heading towards Sturminster Dorset to collect my recently purchased panniers from my sister who kindly collected them for me.

The weather when I set off was a bit overcast but as I headed North it took a turn for the worse and was soon in heavy rain.

Lucille performed as I hoped she would and coped well with the few hills I had to negotiate.

Fitting the panniers was easy as they are just slung over the seat but I did notice a busted zip which certainly wasn't on the listing! So will see how I get on with them.

Off then to Gillingham Dorset to see my folks and it really started to chuck it down!

The only bit of me to get wet was my crutch! Not pleasant! I wasn't expecting this as I have full gortex riding gear!

The return trip was wet all the way and as I was going through Ringwood I got a rear puncture!

With no spare tube and it pouring with rain I called out the AA who came to my rescue!

Loaded on the truck I was dropped off with no fuss and although a tad soggy a good day was had.

So lessons learnt on my 103 mile journey?

1. Spare tubes and learn how to remove wheels.

2. Buy some waterproofs.

3. Always ensure you have a brew kit and grub.

4. Don't try and adjust mirror whilst riding and sneezing with vizor down!

So my first day out was interesting, now waiting for mobile tyre man to arrive to fix the puncture.

I probably could of done it myself but thought it worth the money to watch someone do it. Next time I'll know how to get the back wheel off!

Till later..

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