Motorcycle Adventure Travel Books/DVD's

Just a few of the books/DVD's that I have read or watched over the years, nearly all about Motorcycle Travelling but a couple that have the same spirit of adventure and not related to Motorbikes!

These will be updated as I stumble across more:

Long Way Round (DVD) by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. I first read the book then was given the DVD's. This was nearly 10 years ago now. Whilst Motorcycle travel has been around since the birth of the motorcycle. This was one of the first DVD's of it's kind and brought the spirit of adventure on two wheels to the general public. A great watch!!

Closely followed by there second adventure A Long Way Down as they travelled through Africa. Not as good as the first DVD but still worth the money.

The Long Ride Home - Sydney To London by Nathan Millward. A story of a young man and his journey home on a Honda "Postie" bike. Funny book.

More to follow as and when I get time to upload the details!!!!

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