Sunday, December 22, 2013

C90 Calshot Beach

My replacement trousers by Richa had arrived, so this morning I went to collect them from Rod at "The Bikeyard" Christchurch.

I must say it's refreshing to shop somewhere and be properly looked after!

A quick cuppa made by Rods Mrs was greatfully drunk and we also sorted out a pair of waterproof over trousers as well. So no more wet arse for me!

As the sun was shining I got home and fired Lucille up. I'm waiting for a cover to arrive so at the moment she is exposed to the elements!

Considering the amount of rain we have had the last few days 4 kicks as she fired up and ran sweetly.

I didn't get the chance to wear the over trousers as the sun was shining. Today was the first day I have ridden in the dry and what a great feeling that was.

I had planned to go a little further than I did but after a quick pat down I realised I had left my cash at home so with no brew kit on board either I headed out through Beaulieu towards Calshot and the sea.

A quick photo shoot and back towards Lepe beach heading back towards Lymington through the New Forest.

Only 35 miles but another lesson learnt - make sure you have cash on you!

Once again the only problem was at flat out she coughed a bit, eased back to 35 and she ran smooth so suspect not enough fuel getting through so could be a carb issue?

More recent purchases have been a carry rack which when modified will fit over the front wheel.

Two drinks bottle holders which will be bolted to the leg shields. One will hold spare oil the other for water.

Tyre levers - metal, and on Tuesday I will be buying a couple of inner tubes so if I do get a flat I can hopefully sort and be on my way again.

So it's all slowly slipping into place.

Just over 3 months to go!

Till later.......

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