Sunday, December 15, 2013

C90 Trip To Swanage

With the weather not looking good I wasn't too sure how far I would get today.

So loaded panniers with brew kit and some grub and set off with only a light bit of drizzle to slow me down.

Headed for Christchurch and to Rod at "The Bikeyard" as I have managed to loose my neck tube and wanted to get a replacement.

Glad I called in as Rod had read my previous post and was disturbed to hear that my trousers leaked! So replacements are now on order!

A massive thankyou to Rod for looking after me and his Mrs for making me a cup of tea!

Neck tube on and off I went going through Bournemouth and Poole which is when the heavens opened!  On to Wareham where it got worse and by the time I went past Corfe Castle I needed oars!

Pulling into Swanage I felt as if I was sat in a puddle! Standing up made the water run down my legs which was not a pleasant experience!

A bag of chips and a brew soon sorted me out and the rain had eased off so all was well.

Deciding to take the shorter route back and use the Sandbanks Ferry was a great idea. Only a £1 for the bike - brilliant!

Got back with only light rain but 30 minute's after getting home it poured down so real glad I took the ferry!

My hands stayed dry as this time I had my gloves inside my sleeves. Last time out the water ran down my sleeves and filled my gloves up!

Apart from leaky trousers which we know about my right foot got wet. Due to the water running down my leg into my boot.  Strange thing was my left foot was bone dry!

No problems with the bike apart from a 5 minute period where she spluttered momentarily. This was at maximum revs flat out doing 40mph in heavy rain. She did exactly the same thing on friday. I eased off and she sorted herself out and never had any other problems.

Total mileage today 72 miles.

So another good day out and with another day off tomorrow pondering where to go! The weather is supposed to be bad again - typical!

Till later......

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