Wednesday, December 25, 2013

C90 Christmas Day Adventure 2013

Up bright and early this morning, a quick check to see if Santa had been but no, missed me out this year!

Loaded bike with panniers and 2 x 5ltr fuel cans as I wasn't too sure how many garages would be open.

As it turned out I didn't need to worry at all!

On the road at 0700hrs and heading for Bournemouth.  First stop was Boscombe Pier the storms had brought tons of sand up onto the road. A quick photo and not being as organised as I should brimmed the tank with fuel.

Heading through Bournemouth then Poole with little traffic I was soon off towards Wareham where it decided to chuck it down with rain.

I had my new trousers on and a pair of waterproof trousers hoping that these combined would keep out the wet!

Through Wool and over the hills towards Weymouth where it got very dark and the heavens opened with hail. Bouncing off my helmet I nearly went deaf!

The roads were nearly an inch thick with it. Luckily a couple of cars had left tyre tracks so I followed those.

Did have a bit of a moment as stupidly I thought I would stop for a photo and pulled into a layby, onto virgin hail and I was all over the place. So cursing myself I pulled straight back onto the road and kept going.

Got to Weymouth and was in need of food and warmth. As everything was shut a beach shelter on the front had to do whilst I got my flask out and thawed out for 10 minutes.

I decided to ride round the old part of Weymouth. This is where I nearly lost the bike again! In the past the trains used to go along the road directly to the ferry terminal. However the rails are still embedded in the road and being wet are slippery! Needless to say I won't be riding round there ever again!

Out of town and over to Portland Bill lighthouse.  Very windy and a photo opportunity.

Stopped at a garage, brimmed the tank and after a pee back on the road and headed for Bridport and Westbay.

On the exposed parts it was very windy, but at least it had stopped raining.

Pulled into Westbay but it was blowing a gale so no chance of cooking my lunch, so bread rolls only for me!

As it was now 1200hrs I was in two minds wether to head for Lyme Regis or turn and head for home.

For once in my life I took the sensible option and headed for home. I wanted to do 200 plus miles today but I have nothing to prove and as the weather was bad thought it prudent to head home.

Lucille coped well with the hills as the road between Bridport and Dorchester is continually up and down.

Approaching Dorchester the sky turned black and once more it chucked it down.

I kept going finally stopping at the shell garage at Bere Regis. I was so glad they were open, complete with a costa coffee machine and hotdogs!

From here it was a dash to Ringwood,  down to Christchurch through New Milton and home.

149 miles completed.

Lessons learnt today,  take it steady in hail, don't try and ride over railway tracks embedded in the road as they are like ice and wear more layers of clothing!

Currently in bed still trying to warm up!

So all in all a great day out. Not what I thought I would be doing but that I guess is the beauty of being single!

Till later......

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