Sunday, December 8, 2013

CBT Passed

Today saw me pass my CBT test. It should of been yesterday but a last minute cancellation by the company put it back a day!

The course itself was run well by the instructor with plenty of practical advice, but to be honest as long as you don't fall off or drive into anything it's a done deal!

There was just myself and a 17 year old on the course,  who turned up with no safety gear at all. A hoody is hardly going to protect you.

It was a cold day but with my gear on I was roasting! Even when riding it was ok.

I used the companies bike a 50cc Sym which was good but heavy compared to my C90.

When I got home I then had to take my bike out for a quick spin! Well you have to don't you!

30 odd miles later I collect my curry and head home with a big grin!

Till later......

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