Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've Got A Bike!

I've been constantly watching ebay these last couple of months waiting for the right bike to come along.

I had set my heart on a Honda C90 they are reliable,  simple to maintain and ride and there are spares everywhere.

But you try and buy a decent one at a realistic price! I had lost out on several, pipped to the post in the dying seconds of the auction so decided that the next bike that came along and matched all my criteria then I would just go for it!

So I eventually found one over near Highbridge in Somerset. To far to go to view so I bought blind trusting the seller would be honest.

As it turned out they were real gents in every sense of the word. Both retired brothers the elder in his 80's kept this bike just for emergencies but in the last 4 yrs has only been for its yearly MOT.

With brand new tyres and battery the brakes being overhauled recently and with only 2 owners from new she is the real deal! Oh and only 10, 000 genuine miles on the clock.

I paid £641.03 for her and reckon she is worth every penny!

She has been christened "Lucille" as the great blues guitarist BB King calls all his guitars Lucille.

I got her back home with the help of my brother in law Andrew Faber of the company Jordan and Faber Builders. I borrowed their tipper truck and with a ramp loaded her up and got her home safely.

So if you do need any building work done please contact them, they are based in Sturminster Newton Dorset.

I took her out for a quick spin the other evening and she goes well. It was freezing but found my jacket to be roasty warm as were my gloves. However after a very short space of time my legs went numb with cold.

So this morning I was back to see Rod at the Bike Yard in Christchurch to find me some fatboy trousers!

The first pair were a bit of a nightmare to do up, very fiddly, well that's my excuse but the second pair I tried fitted easily with just a couple of poppers and two adjustable velcro belts. Made by Richa and are the Everest edition with a removable lining.

I then decided that as I had invested in all the gear I really should get a proper pair of boots. Yet another challenge (big calves)! Eventually found a pair of Oxford Comanches that fitted.

So many thanks to Rod and his Mrs for helping me out. Really great folk that have been involved in motorbikes and clothing for years so if you need advice this is the place to go!

I'm all set bike and clothing wise now. Just some camping gear and my CBT to sort now!

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