Friday, March 21, 2014

MOT Passed!

On Wednesday evening this week I popped round to Tricky Dickies, another bus driver who not only knows about plumbing but also knows a bit about mechanics.

So with my brand new adjustable shock absorbers waiting to be fitted it was arranged to get them done. My usual mechanic "Ghosty" is off work at the moment as he is having an operation to sort something or other out.

As the shockers looked original, we were not sure how easy they would be to come off, so a quick squirt of WD40 get the right size spanner and both nuts came off like a hot knife through butter!

Well that was easy! Lets just see how the new one's go on - well the bottom bush was ok but the top one was around 2mm too small!

Thought it was all going to easy!

So with no way of swapping over the bushes, the old one was put back on, and an early end to the evening's mechanics and a curry was devoured!

Today (Friday) "Lucille" was booked in for her MOT, she was being collected by the garage, so when I phoned up at lunch time I was a little surprised to find that they had not got her yet! I also asked if they could swap/replace the bushes, as I had left the new shockers in my top box.

Anyway, when I phoned back at 1630 to check on progress, not only had she passed her MOT but the new shockers had been fitted, along with brake and chain adjustment and my rear left indicator had been tightened up!

So all in all I was very pleased, and when I got home there she was waiting for me!

I had to go and test the shock absorbers out to see how different it all felt. The old ones were very soft/bouncy. I have the new ones set on the hardest setting, due to the weight she has to carry!

As soon as I got I knew there was a difference, with the old ones my feet were flat on the floor, I can no longer do that!

I thought a couple of miles would give me a good idea of how they were, ended up doing nearly 40 miles. It was like riding a different bike! So much better, handling was brilliant and she just soaked the bumps up.

Very pleased with the result.

The screen has also arrived - haven't looked inside the box yet, can't wait till Sunday to get it fitted along with the leg shields, basket and new lights.

She will look like a different bike!

Anyway, I also made it into the Company newsletter!

Many thanks to those who have donated via my "Just Giving" button, it really is appreciated and humbling.

Till later.....................

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