Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Modifications To Lucille Honda C90

A number of items have recently turned up for me that require fitting to my Honda C90.

The best one and the one part that I have been eagerly awaiting is a screen.

They used to be made by "Rickman" but the company no longer exists. However the moulds were bought by a company I believe makes race car components. As you can imagine Honda screens are not on their list of priorities hence the wait!

The screen itself was a bit tight to fit, to say it is snug around the indicators and headlamp is an understatement, but it went on in the end after having difficulty getting one of the fixing brackets to screw in.

It certainly makes a difference to the wind hitting you but one strange thing I did find was that more air hits my helmet making it a bit nosier!

Other modifications today was the front basket being securely attached with jubilee clips to the rack. There is not a chance that it will fall off!

The one final thing to do was the running lights. I wanted extra lights at the front, as the C90 headlight is not the best in the world. I mounted a pair of 12v LED running lights to a metal bar which is then held in place with a massive bolt and locking nut mounted straight on to the front rack.

Running the wires back I have taken a direct feed from my socket chargers and run it via a waterproof toggle switch mounted in a plastic box, which in turn is mounted on the leg shields.

Took her out in the dark this evening and all appears to be working well, nothing melted or caught fire so as far as I'm concerned it's a result!

Just the leg shields extensions to reattach, these should only take a couple of minutes but I ran out of daylight today.

Friday just gone saw another mile stone for "Lucille" as she passed her MOT.

After having trouble fitting my new adjustable shock absorbers as the top bush was too small I left a message for the garage to see if they could change the bush. Not only did they change it but fitted them for me as well!

Along with tightening of the chain and sorting out a loose rear indicator lens.

So a big thank you to Bursey Engineering of New MIlton. They also repair mowers!

Just a couple more things to do and that will be about that, oil change, new air filter and spark plug and we are ready to go!

With less than 2 weeks to go it is suddenly dawning on me what I have set myself up for. But as I often say "What could possibly go wrong"!

Finally hello to Kiera if you are reading this!

Till later.........................

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