Sunday, March 30, 2014

Honda C90 Final Expedition Preperation

With less than a week to go till departure day it was time to re-fit the legshields and try putting all the kit on "Lucille".

The legshields went on ok, still can't believe that Corolux Roofing Flashing works so well, all I had to do was drill 4 holes. It was exactly the correct length.

A rear mud flap was fitted and the "L" plate was bolted on to this, the amount of shite that comes up from the back is unbelievable so hopefully this will help a bit.

The front basket had a rubber mat cut to size to use as a base, a cycle pump was zip tied to it along with a tube of zip ties.

Fuel and water containers will sit in the basket along with tent pegs and poles plus any other loose odds and ends. In total I have 5 water containers equating to 3.5 litres which should be enough between resupplies.

The rear top box will now house all electrical and camera gear for the trip along with the multitude of cables that are required,

The two large black panniers will have clothes, sleeping bag, self inflating mat and dried food, plus cooking gear, all though the cooking gear may end up in the basket!

The two smaller camo panniers are full of spares and tools. The tyres which are still covered in silver foil type packing material will sit as they are shown over the top box but strapped down so they don't bounce off.

With only one full day off in which I can get everything done it is now a race against time to pack the panniers and get everything together to go on the bike.

I still have an important job to do on the bike, and that is to change the oil, however what I forgot to get was spare sump bolt washers, so as soon as I get a couple of those I will change the oil.

I received a bit of exciting news last night and that I will be getting a Police escort through the Mersey Tunnel! How cool is that!!!

So all systems go, just want to get going now, this trip has been a long time in the planning!

Till later.......

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