Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

I'm getting there!

The list of items turning up in the post is slowing down - thankfully!

The final major part was ordered today, and that was the Rickman screen costing £127.00 brand new.

Really looking forward to this arriving which should be this Friday, it will be fitted on Sunday weather permitting.

Shock absorbers are still to be fitted, but that is a quick and easy job (famous last words)

"Lucillle" goes in for her MOT this Friday, fingers crossed all is well, should be ok so not worried about a big bill.

As a precaution I have removed the leg shields, not too sure how the test station would view these so thought it best they were whipped off, along with the basket. I've left the rack on.

This weekend should also see the wiring of the new LED lights to the front, again, waiting for the MOT to go through before I set about my modifications!

The route is sorted. Originally I was going to go in roughly a clockwise direction around the UK. However, the worst part of the journey I think will be around the South East coast and across the QE bridge into Essex/Kent, so I have decided to get all that done on a mammoth stint on day 2 and now my route takes me on an anti clockwise direction.

Getting the worst over early on in the trip means I can relax the rest of the way around, I say relax, relax as much as you can with still 3000 miles left of the trip to complete!

But with blind faith, a bit of luck and a fair wind everything I'm sure will be fine!

I also thought it a good idea to join the Youth Hostel Association, now I didn't really know too much about this organisation, but I must say I am might impressed with it. Some fantastic hostels and so cheap you would be foolish not to use them!

If the weather closes in on me and it really does get seriously wet then I will be finding the nearest one and checking in!

My next thoughts are to what clothing to take with me and how much do I need?

I'm not out to dinner (that I know of) so really don't need anything posh to wear, but maybe a pair of jeans and a shirt for at least one night of drunkenness whilst up in the Highlands!

Guess it all depends on how much I fill my panniers At least with the basket on the front, it will free a bit of space up, as some of the everyday used items that are weather proof will be left in it.

So the days are ticking by quickly now, just a couple of weeks to go!

Am I nervous? No, not at all, what will be will be, slightly apprehensive as I want to succeed and finish back at Lands End. No matter what happens though it won't be through the lack of trying!

Till later..............................

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