Sunday, March 9, 2014

Honda C90 Front Rack Fitted

I bought the front rack a little while ago, but due to work commitments just haven't got around to getting it fitted.

It cost £14.99 and came from Argos, it is a standard cycle rack. The only Honda C90 rack I came across was a Chinese copy and to be honest having it shipped from China was a bit expensive.

As my living arrangements are somewhat different from most normal folk, I needed a place to work on the bike and a hand in fitting it.

Here I would like to introduce to you "Ghosty" of Ghosty Engineering. A fine fellow who before he was a bus driver was a plumber, well, a plumbers mate, but recently he managed to fix his own gas boiler without blowing up the street. So that makes him over qualified to fit my rack!

It took a bit of doing, firstly because we couldn't remove a bolt which was crucial to the whole operation. Was it seized? No. Difficult to get at? No. Thread knackered? No.

Between us, we didn't have the right size socket!

So a quick trip home to retrieve my socket set and we were back in action.

Whilst I was away, "Ghosty" came up with a cracking bit of engineering which sorted out how we would actually fix it to the front forks.

Holes drilled in the rack to secure a plate which in turn was then fixed to the forks by the way of a long bolt and spacer.

The Honda all ready has pre drilled and tapped holes, so all we needed was the correct size bolts!

After a bit of measuring we cut the bolt off, to realise we cut too much off - we got it right the second time.

After it was all bolted on we stood back and admired our handy work, a fine piece of engineering which is very sturdy. I'm not saying that I would like to sit on it, but it is more than up to the job of carrying weight.

I was very happy with the finish, it certainly makes the bike look a bit more butch!

Then I was off to Lymington to retrieve my basket, kindly liberated from a leading posh supermarket by another work colleague!

I have used zip ties to attach it to the rack, but the one's I used were a bit feeble, so will replace these with heavy duty ones when I next get a chance to liberate some!

I have bought a pair of LED spot lights which will be mounted to the front of the rack to give me some better light as the original headlamp is more of a candle than a light!

This will be done once I have got the bike through it's MOT. I may have to remove the leg shields and rack before it goes in!

Anyway, a successful day, and once more a big thank you to Ghosty for his help!

Till later........... 

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