Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Vango Tornado 200 Tent Review

My previous tent was a Vango Banshee 200 and to be honest it is hard to fault the tent.

I have camped out in some wild conditions with gale force wind and rain and on Dartmoor with double negative figures and it has performed exceptionally well.

The only draw back to the Banshee is the lack of storage space.

I would drag panniers and kit into the tent which made it a little cramped at times and it was also a problem when one had wet kit to think about!

So the hunt was on for a tent of a similar size, but with a vestibule/storage area.

I also wanted to be able to cook if necessary within the vestibule/storage area, I managed to get away with cooking in the Banshee, by placing a walking stick underneath the flysheet door and pegging it down with a bungee.

It did the trick, but not always easy to do when it was lashing it down with rain.

So the Vango Tornado seemed to tick all the boxes.

It is slightly taller, which makes getting dressed and moving around considerably easier, and I haven't checked the actual dimensions but it certainly felt bigger once inside.

One thing I really did notice was that it was a lot easier to get in and out of.

You can clearly see how much space there is at the front of the tent. Also having two doors is a big advantage.

The Tempest weighs in around 3kg the Banshee is around 2kg, but 1kg is a small price to pay for all that extra space and head room.

It straps onto my handlebar bag perfectly so not an issue for me to carry.

As I said in a previous post, being dark green in colour it is ideal for going full on into stealth mode. You would have a hard time spotting the tent if you did not know it was there!

So yes, very happy with the tent, easy to put up and take down as the inner remains attached so no messing around especially if it is raining!

Just 3 poles to contend with, two long poles which cross over each other and a V shaped pole which supports the vestibule/storage area.

Obviously the weather was perfect this time, I will have to see how it stands up to high wind, lashing rain and minus temperatures. It has a hard act to follow as the Banshee performed excellently in all of those conditions.

But for now, it is perfect for what I want it to do.

Till next time......ride safe.

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