Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Micro Adventure To Tisbury Wiltshire

After getting back from honeymoon and sorting various things out, we found that we were still in possession of of an amount of crockery and serving platters from my good friend Toby who did all our catering.

Now the sensible thing would of been to put it all in the back of the car, wrapped in towels to avoid breakages and drive up.

But, where is the fun in that?

Instead I filled the panniers and strapped the largest of the platters behind me and rode the Honda Varadero up, as this was my first proper ride after her repairs!

The repairs were all straight forward, the crash bars were re-straightened and the fairing was drilled and stitched with cable ties. Makes her look like she has a scar, but works a treat.

I arrived in Tisbury, had a bag of chips from the chip shop and unloaded all the items which thankfully were all intact!

I headed home down and through the chalk valleys of Wiltshire, stopping off to see the badges carved into the hill side at Fovant.

My old Regimental Badge of the Royal Corps of Signals is the one in the middle, Mercury - Gods Messenger.

A good day out on the bike.......

The journey continues......................

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