Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honeymoon In Scotland Day 8

So now it's down hill all the way!

From Tongue we were heading South following the A836, if you can possibly think of this road as an A road. More a single track with the odd passing place.

Over heathland and Loch Loyal where we picked up the A9 and followed this all the way down to our final night's destination in Stirling.

To be honest I slept for the best part of the journey I was still suffering from a heavy cold, so Kiera did all the driving.

We had made it  down by mid afternoon and we checked into the Stirling Highland Hotel.

Very grand looking, but to be honest for it's price it was nothing more than a posh travel lodge!

The food was exceptional though!

That afternoon we decided to wander into town. I used to live around 10 miles away and taught people to drive in and around Stirling.

I remember the town as being rather upmarket, sadly, things of changed. Even charity shops were closed down!

It all looked a bit grubby and run down, perhaps we caught it on a bad day, but it just had a feeling of decline about it all. Left me feeling a little down to be honest.

That night as it was our last night in Scotland we pushed the boat out and had a serious blow out in the restaurant.

Tomorrow we would be homeward bound, but depending on the weather we would take a look at Stirling Castle.

The journey continues............................

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