Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honeymoon In Scotland Day 10

We had spent the morning at Stirling Castle, we now had the choice of pushing hard and getting home late this evening or taking our time and stopping off for one final night.

One final night it was, and how glad we were that we did!

We left Stirling, picked up the motorway and headed South. Turning off and heading across country, up over the Kirkstone pass before dropping down towards Ullswater lake.

We had not pre-booked anywhere, we thought we would drive, spot a hotel we like the look of and try our luck.

We spotted a hotel on lake Windermere which looked rather impressive, right on the lake and pulled in. As soon as I walked in through the door, regardless of cost I knew we were staying here the night!

I have to say that out of all the hotels we stayed at the Langdale Chase Hotel beat them all hands down.

Words fail me as to how good it was, you will just have to go there and spoil yourselves!

This was what I saw as I walked in!

Later on relaxing with a Gin and Tonic beside probably the best fire place in the world!

With views like that from your bedroom window, how could you possibly not like the place!

That evening we had a fabulous meal, the staff were brilliant, but to my disappointment we were not woken during the night by ghostly goings on as the place is reportedly haunted!

We could not put off our journey home anymore, tomorrow we would be back to reality!

The journey continues................

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