Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honeymoon In Scotland Day 7

Once we had packed once more we were on a familiar heading of "North" following the A835.

We had no where in mind to stop tonight, but just thought we would wait and see where we ended up.

Where the A835 meets the A837 at Ledmore we turned left and followed this right out to the west coast past Loch Assynt.

With some absolutely amazing scenery, I know I have said this before, but just when you think it could not possibly get any better, it does!

I'm sure this view has not changed one bit since prehistoric times (apart from the road)!

Through Rhicarn, Clachtoll, Stoer, Rienachait, Clashnessie and on through Drumbeg, being about the only name I could pronounce.

Rejoining the A894 once more we were heading North.

Through Scourie and at Laxford Bridge we joined the A838 which took us up to Durness.

It was here that we sought out Smoo Lodge. A while ago we were looking to see what was for sale in this part of the world, and Smoo Lodge was on the market. A 10 room bed and breakfast with massive potential.

As it had been sold, we guessed that it was refurbished and up and running, but on checking with the local tourist information it was not yet finished.

This we could clearly see once we had located it. This surprised us both as we were rather hoping to spend the night there!

We had a check around to see what else was on offer locally, but found little that appealed to either of us.

So we made the decision to push on to Tongue where we had found a rather good looking hotel to stay in.

The Tongue Hotel was a former Hunting Lodge and had lost very little of it's old charm.

Our room was fabulous with a fine view and a comfy bed.

My one and only criticism was the food, well, not exactly the food as in it's quality, rather more about it's quantity!

It was very pretty to look at, but a tiny squirt of mashed potato with my lamb cutlets was not enough to feed a mouse!

In my opinion they could of done with dropping the fine dining experience, after all spending a day spent out in the mountains you require a little more than grated carrot, a sprig of broccoli and a squirt of mash!

Tongue is also the place where I had to lay up and rest for 2 days after I had come off my Honda C90 when I went round the UK. 

A comfortable night, with a good breakfast and once more we were packed and ready for the off!

The journey continues.........................

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