Monday, January 4, 2016

Honda Varadero Flat Battery

The Varadero has been parked up in the garage for the last few days, Christmas Eve was the last time I rode her after the Turkey's last flight!

Christmas came and went and then we drove down to Cornwall for New Years Eve.

Today was the first day where I actually saw the sun shine and it wasn't blowing a gale. I thought it would be great to spend an hour on the bike.

All dressed up and out to the garage, pulled her out, attached the GoPro, went to start her and all I got was a load of clicking and the dash lights dimming!

Luckily I have a battery charger, so battery removed and on charge as we speak.

Hopefully that will sort it and as I finish early tomorrow I can refit it and see if it's worked.

Fingers crossed!

The journey continues.........

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