Thursday, January 28, 2016

Long Weekend In February 2016

Checking over my schedules at work I found out today that I have a long weekend coming up in February!

I have from Friday 12th till the 16th off.

So.................. I was thinking I may get away on the bike for a couple of days!!

As the weather could still be wet and cold, I thought that instead of camping I would use Youth Hostels as I am a member.

The only thing I have to think about is where. Wales is favourite with plenty of places to go, and with a good few hostels to bed down at, it seems the obvious choice.

Waiting to see if an old friend can join me for a couple of days, then a bit of planning, and I'm off!

It will also give the bike a good shake down before our departure for a more sunnier climate!

Watch this space..

The journey continues.........

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