Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Forest - Quick Blasts!

Living in such close proximity to the New Forest and the South Coast is great.

10 minutes ride from my house and I can either be looking out over the English Channel or deep within the New Forest.

So today I had an errand to complete in Southampton, so I set off reasonably early with the idea that if I managed to complete my mission of buying wedding attire I would treat myself to a few hours of riding.

The sun was shining and with only a slight breeze I set off for Southampton.

An easy trip in, with dry roads for the main part, however due to all the rain we have had recently you often come across water coursing across the road. Together with large amounts of gravel washed out from the verges which can catch you out if you are not fully on the ball!

I managed to get what I wanted in a record time of 15 minutes! Brilliant, now lets go riding!

Heading out of Southampton towards the New Forest I took a left and headed for Hythe and Fawley. Straight on past Fawley and out to Calshot where I stopped for a wee and then onto the spit where I have been a few times on the bike.

I didn't hang around that long so headed over to Lepe Beach where there is a little café which does a great bacon and brie pannini!

As I walked back to my bike a guy pulled up on a baby Varadero, Honda decided that they would make a 125cc version of my bike with a similar look, V twin engine, but only half the size.

You can see from the picture there is a bit of a difference between them. I had a chat with the owner who had never been near a full sized one and was a little taken back by the sheer size of the bike!

I set off heading for Exbury, then onto Beaulieu, where I then turned right and headed for Lyndhurst. Through the town and heading out on the A35.

A few miles out of Lyndhurst I took a left and headed through the forest past Rhinefield, a cracking ride through the forest and up across the high ground and into Brockenhurst.

Straight through heading for home and a brew.

Approx 90 miles of fun. Riding a bike is definitely good for the soul!

The journey continues.........

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