Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Honda Varadero - So Far So Good!

Now that I have the Varadero back, all seems well and she appears to be running sweetly.

No signs of any of the previous problems, so I am hoping that the problems have been solved for good.

I have only been doing the commute to work and back, but she starts and sounds as she should, and I am now feeling a lot more comfortable with her.

With Christmas out of the way, and the New Year just around the corner we need to start planning our trip to Italy!

There are a few modifications I would like to do to the bike and I have started to amass basic spares for the trip.

For Christmas I was given a new Honda rectifier, clutch cable, mirror extenders and a brace bar which goes between the handlebars so I can fit the satnav in a more convenient position.

Unfortunately I cannot get the brace bar to fit, (pics to follow and an explanation as to why).

I then tried the mirror extenders, according to ebay they are correct for the year and model, but guess what? Yep, they don't fit either!

Not doing to well so far!

Obviously I cannot check the rectifier or clutch cable, fingers crossed that if I ever need them they are correct!

Other news but not directly related to the bike is that I have finally got around to updating my laptop. So I am now tapping away at a dogs bollocks Toshiba Satellite!

Although my little note book did me proud and was great for trips away due to it's compact size it was just not able to cope with video production which is something I want to try.

I have a GoPro 4 and the plan is to start a YouTube channel. Having the correct tools to do the job is half the battle, the other half is being able to operate them!

I have mounted the camera to the front of the bike and so far the view is great, but yet to test it fully. As soon as I have and taken some decent footage I will post it up.

So that's a wrap for 2015, a couple of little trips away, a bike licence and a grown up bike bought. It's been a busy year.

2016 will be just as busy with a wedding and a trip to Italy planned. Can't wait.

The journey continues............

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