Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So What's Next?

After being back a few weeks now, and having time to reflect on my recent trip I have come to the conclusion that more of the same is required!

Before I set off I really had no idea if riding a bike long distances everyday would suit me, so I kept an open mind.

However, I think it only fair to say that I am hooked!

"Lucille" is still in Cornwall, which I really need to do something about, but recent events in my personal life have kept me rather busy!

So what is next?

I've a week spare in July, so my rough plan is to strap all my gear on as before and head for Wales, maybe stay in one place and tour around, or maybe not? But as a destination, definitely Wales.

I have also been toying with the idea of a 24 hour endurance ride, I would find it a challenge to see how far you can actually get on a Honda C90 in 24hrs. As I live on the South Coast, it would be so simple just to head North, and after 24 hrs see where I end up!

Stopping only for fuel and the loo, I reckon I could get a good way up country! I also thought that I could use it to raise a bit more money for charity, by getting people to guess how many miles I would do in the allotted time. Say donate £5.00 of which half goes to the charity and the other half to the person who guesses the closest mileage.

I may combine the two in July, and then slowly work my way back down South.

Either way a mini trip is on for the end of July!

I've also been looking at bikes on ebay and bit more than I should! I really am undecided about what to do regarding bikes.

There are so many unique factors about the Honda C90 when it comes to using it as an adventure bike.

To name just a few, reliability and the ease of repair and parts availability. But one which was brought home to me was how light the bike is.

When I came off in Glencoe, if I had been on a bigger bike I would of required hospital treatment. I'm convinced that my knee would of been shattered with the weight of the bike twisting it around!

These things are important when considering a bike. Do I need to go through the expense of passing my test and buying a bigger bike?

Or do I stick with the solidly built work horse that is the Honda C90?

I read a cracking article the other day at adventuremotorcyle.com it really did highlight all the positive's of travelling on a small, low cc motorbike. 

Both Ed and Nathan who are featured in the article are well documented for travelling huge distances on Honda's.

Nathan Millward and his book "A Long Ride Home" is a very entertaining read, telling his story of how he set off from Australia on a Honda "Postie" bike and travelled back to the UK.
The Long Ride 'Home'

Ed March has just released his DVD on his travels from Malaysia back to the UK on his beloved Honda C90 a must watch. Due to the fact that Ed really is not right in the head!
malaysia to uk - dvd

Click on the links above to see how you can get your hands on a copy of Ed's DVD and Nathan's book.

The journey continues..............

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