Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 13 - Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End On A Honda C90

Bath to Breage Cornwall

Friday morning and after having only 10 minutes of broken sleep I was on my way at 0530hrs.

Bath was sleepy quiet and I soon slipped through and was heading out on towards Weston Super Mare where I would pick up the A38 once more.

Bridgwater, Taunton and Wellington were soon behind me - I was on a mission!

At this stage all I wanted to do was get the job/trip done. I also knew that various friends would be waiting for me along with a comfy bed, good food, a pint but best of all Kiera was driving down and would be waiting for me!

I stopped in Exeter for fuel, food and a wee, checked my map and off again. On my way down I went through Dartmoor. This time I was taking a direct route.

The A38 through Plymouth, the sun was shining once more and there was little wind, so riding was a joy and as I crossed the Tamar bridge, I knew I was nearly there.

On approaching Liskeard I did have a feeling of over whelming tiredness. I have fallen asleep at the wheel of a car before, only for a second but it's enough to scare the life out of you. But falling asleep on a motorbike is a completely different feeling and one which I instantly decided I did not want to repeat.

As luck would have it I saw a sign for services in a villiage, so pulled off the dual carriageway, and as I came off the slip road there was a closed down Little Chef, boarded up and with concrete across the entrance. That didn't stop us as I could see a nice empty car park with my name on it. I parked up, took off my helmet and gloves, rested my head on my gloves and within seconds I was out for the count! Yep, flat out on tarmac, I was that tired I slept for over an hour!

Refreshed, refuelled and packed and off we went.

Liskeard, St Austell and Truro came and went, my mind totally fixed on getting to Breage, so close now!

I had all ready decided that I would not go to Lands End today. But relax and go on Saturday at an easy pace.

One final fuel stop and I pulled up at Breage at my good friends Sharon and Thomas's house. Kiera was there all ready, and it was with much relief that I had made it!

I was shattered, after a few cups of tea and tales of my journey I unloaded "Lucille" and sorted myself out.

Still on a high, but not able to relax as I still had not officially completed the trip.

That night we all went for a few beers and a bite to eat at Praa Sands. I must admit that I had to slope off early, my eyes would not stay open.

Tomorrow would be my last day and the journey complete - surely nothing would stop me from finishing the trip?

The journey continues..............

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