Monday, May 19, 2014

Honda C90 Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End - Final Trip Review

I've been back a good few weeks now, but the memories of my trip will stay with me for a long time.

When I got back to Lymington I really was not ready for how totally knackered I was! It really does take it out of you, especially pushing as hard as I did.

To do the trip justice it really should of taken twice as long. I would dearly love to spend more time in Scotland as that is where the real scenery is. One day!

Those who have ridden long distances on motorbikes for more than just a couple of days all say that you change slightly.

I think this is true. I was humbled by the help and support that I got during this trip. Complete strangers stopping and asking if I'm ok, Wendy at Hawick at the garage who sorted out Lucille and would not take any payment! So many times these things happened as I ventured around over a two week period. I know I will never go by a motorcyclist who looks like he is broken down without offering help again!

Not forgetting all the support I got before I even set off!

At work a map was pinned to the wall, and as I was giving location updates via Facebook several times a day, stickers were placed on the map to show my location!

But my biggest supporter and the one person who I kept in constant contact with was Kiera. Without fail, I would get little messages of encouragement everyday. I can happily say that we have been going from strength to strength since my return.

I think she looks the part on "Lucille"!

However, I must say the biggest thank you goes to "Lucille" For her age she did not miss a beat all the way around. Never once letting me down.

She used less than a litre of oil the whole trip and was consistently returning 60 to 80 mpg depending on the terrain.

The cheap Chinese tyre I put on a Hawick doesn't look as if it's been used!

I changed the chain at Hawick as well.

The basket that "Ghosty" and myself bolted on the front, never came loose. The panniers worked a treat. The leg shields I put on made out of Corolux Roofing Flashing kept my feet dry. 

Everything went like clockwork. It was only rider error and bad weather that made me come off.

If anyone is thinking of adventure motorbiking, but wanting to do it on a budget, then I can assure you that the Honda C90 is the bike for you.

It's cheap to run, insure and repair, the parts are so cheap it's ridiculous and they are virtually indestructible. She coped with 20 stone of fat bloke and all his kit as if she had nothing on!
Super easy to ride, and I can confirm very comfortable over a long distance.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, If you would all give a big hand to "Lucille" She is the true star of this little adventure, she did everything that was asked of her and more!

So what's next? The honest answer is I really don't know. I've got some time off in July and I do fancy a trip into Wales.

I also fancy a 24hr endurance ride just to see how many miles in 24hrs I can do!

I'm afraid that this has wetted my appetite for more adventure. But one thing is for sure, this was not a one off!

The journey continues...................


  1. Congratulations on a trip well done. We have followed your journey with interest and we hope that you received lots for your charity.

  2. I've just spent two hours reading this right from the start. What a brilliant adventure, great photos, and a worthy cause to raise money for. Well done on completing the trip and also finding someone else to share your life with - I wish you all the best for the future :)

    1. Thanks Eunice, it was a fun trip and certainly not the last!

  3. really enjoyed reading this blog, I've been following your other blog since day one and loved this :D stayed awake till 2.30 reading it on my phone lol really funny and I was reading bits out to Garry my husband, he said good on ya!! really happy you've met someone and are happy :) we are planning a road trip in the next couple of years, driving down to lands end then up to scotland, but following the coast all the way and camping at certain points we'd like to see or just places that take our fancy or look pretty :D got a few places on the list such as fforest fields in wales, the beautiful lake district, Glencoe, Gairloch, ( my mum went there and loved it ) then probably back down the middle back home to London, then after that we will do the "other side" of the country so basically we'd have done it all, just bought a map book today and a highlighter pen and I got stupidly excited about it lol. So we really enjoyed your blog, loved the photos, thanks so much :) all the best to you XX

  4. Great blog. I've just read your whole trip. We're really lucky up here with the roads and scenery we have. I've got a wee C90 too, but it has a bit more "patina" than Lucile.
    Give me a shout if yer every coming up to Scotland again. I'll give you directions to the best bits and show you around if I'm off.