Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 12 Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End On A Honda C90

Heswall to Bath

A late start due to over consumption of cider!

But once on the road, the weather being dry and sunny I was soon eating up the miles.

Heading straight through Chester and onto the A41 to Whitchurch just past here I headed for Telford on the A442 which carried on past Bridgnorth and Kidderminster.

Then dual carriage way on the A449 finally picking up the A38 to Gloucester. It was a long ride with a couple of fuel stops, but sat in Mcdonalds at Gloucester I had to make a decision as to what I was to do next.

Today was Thursday, it had been an uneventful day, the scenery to be honest was boring. I wanted to be in Helston for Friday evening, which did mean a mammoth drive the next day!

I decided to push on, it was my last night, who cares if I get no sleep, I can sleep once I'm at Cornwall.

So I pushed on, it was getting late and the light was fading fast, I was also feeling tired, so I changed my mind and decided to try and find somewhere to stop for the night, I tried a couple of Bed and Breakfast's but fully booked. No camp sites near by so I kept on going.

Through Stroud and headed for Bath where I knew I would be able to find a travel lodge for the night. However, riding in the dark with the amount of pot holes, even with my lights was getting dodgy, and being so close to completing the trip decided that a night in the layby would have to do.

I knew that there was a large car park just before the M4 junction heading towards Bath and this is where I decided to stay for the night.

Now, to say it all goes on here is an understatement! To start with I could not for the life of me fathom out what was going on. A bloke would pull up in his car. Get out and walk into the woods, followed by another bloke. Then you would hear what I thought to begin with was the sound of breaking branches.

I thought, they need to take a torch, someone's going to trip in a minute or loose and eye. However, the sound of cracking branches is by no means a regular sound. This was! It suddenly dawned on me they were going into the woods for a good spanking!

This went on and off for a good few hours. I was parked up on a grassy picnic area and could see the cars coming and going. I did laugh!

That night was bloody cold, I managed 10 minutes of kip led on a picnic bench. By 0530hrs and after brewing up all night I was packed and away. 

The journey continues...............

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