Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bike Stand Pad - Brilliant!

I ordered a bike stand pad for "Lucille" and within 48hrs it arrived on my doorstep.

Not only this but the total cost of this item was £2.39 and that included postage.

Just in case any one is in any doubt as to what these are, basically it is a small piece of toughened plastic which sits underneath the foot of your stand to spread the load of the bike whilst on wet ground, ie grass, gravel or anywhere you feel that your bike is unstable.

I could of really done with this whilst camping on my trip!

It is currently being put to use as "Lucille" is currently residing in the back garden and when not on the patio is on loose gravel!

This works a treat and for the money you cannot go wrong!

Lights haven't arrived yet, so I have left the old one's where they are for the time being.

I've been out on a few little runs, but nothing serious. She still appears to be running sweetly.

Really should give her a clean, maybe over the next couple of days.

The journey continues.........

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  1. Hi, it seems nice. Anyway, have a good trip.