Sunday, August 31, 2014

LED Lights And Sheepskin Seat Cover Fitted To Honda C90 AKA "Lucille"

The lights arrived but it took a bit of time for me to get around to fitting them.

But today (Sunday) has been spent catching up with odd jobs that needed doing.

A lovely sunny day here in the New Forest on the South Coast of England, so out with the tool kit and let's get crimping!

The lights are designed to clamp on to a round bar, but with nothing like that on my Honda C90 the next best option was to attach them to my wire shopping basket on the front.

I had thought about moving my original LED lights up and mount them on to my screen, but in the end decided I would leave them where they are.

The best way I could think of to mount my new lights was quite simple. Good old fashioned cable ties. A quick, neat and easy solution.

So with this done, it was time to tap into the existing loom. I re-crimped the cables all together to make it a bit neater and hey presto - it all worked fine and dandy. 

Just got to try it out in the dark now!

Whilst I had the tools out I undid the junction box which houses my switch for the lights. I have had the problem with the lights flickering so there was a loose connection somewhere.

Easily sorted as it was the female crimp not being tight enough on the switch.

Finally I had the idea of fitting a sheepskin to the seat to make it a bit more comfortable.

When we were in IKEA I spotted one for £30.00 and after having a good root through them all came across with the thickest, softest and most luxurious sheepskin ever.

What's more I do not need to have it cut to shape at all as it fits perfectly!

"Lucille" is now ready for some serious cold weather and dark night riding! I do have handle bar muffs but have never used them as I found that getting a gloved hand in and out was a bit difficult.

She now also has shelter, we finally made space for her in the garage, you can almost see her smiling!

Tonight it will be a test run in the dark to see how well the lights work - fingers crossed!

The journey continues.........

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