Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planning Next Trip On Lucille - Honda C90

In a few days time I've got two weeks off. With Kiera on a pre-booked holiday with the kids for the last week of it, leaving me a week free - once I have done some decorating and flat pack furniture construction!

My original plan was to see how far distance wise I could get in a 24hr period, then slowly make my way back home using the remainder of my holiday to do so.

But, why kill myself, as that would take more than a day to recover from, and as I feel like a bit of a break I have come to my senses and decided against it.

Instead my rough plan is to head for Wales. Aiming for the Brecons to start with, then head down towards Tenby and work my way up along the coast.

Stopping when and if I feel like it, which will be a real luxury after my epic trip around the UK which was flat out all day long only stopping for fuel!

This time it will be relaxed. I want to capture as much as I can on camera, something else I sadly did not do enough of on my last trip. There was always pressure to get a few more miles under my belt.

I won't bother booking anywhere, instead relying on pot luck and chance. This may well be fool hardy as the summer holidays will of just started and this could be my undoing, but there are plenty of places to pitch a one man tent if you look hard enough!

"Lucille" since returning from Cornwall has taken me into work everyday. A round trip of 18 miles approx if I use the more direct route. However I have been known to take a little detour!

This is a view of the Needles, off the Isle of Wight, no more than a 10 minute detour from my route to work - perfect!

If I was to go 10 minutes off my route to the North it would take me through the New Forest! What a place to live and work in!

Also what a saving in fuel! £40 a week in the Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8ltr long wheel base or £10 for 2 weeks of fun!

"Lucille" has performed with no problems at all, not using any oil which I check every couple of days. The last time it needed topping up was in Liverpool! Since then she has gone down to Lands End, back up to Lymington and used daily, approx 800 miles!

My seat has split about an inch long but a good piece of wide electrical tape has sorted that, but one area I do need to sort is my lights.

The fitted light would be better if it was a couple of tea lights, main beam illuminates the tree tops. Brilliant for owl spotting! Dipped illuminates 10 yards in front and nothing on the ground. OK I do have a basket on the front, but with it empty the tarmac in front remains a bit of a mystery!

I fitted a set of running lights hoping they would help a bit with illumination. They do to a point but riding home last night they kept flickering on and off, a loose connection somewhere. The soldering iron will be out and all connections soldered instead of crimped.

I think it's time to buy a proper set of lights to mount on the front and move the running lights up and mount them just below the screen. No one can say they didn't see me coming then!

 Apart from that everything is working perfectly and I am really enjoying the C90 experience.

I've been asked a couple of times now am I getting a bigger bike and taking my test. Well, Yes to taking my test, but in all honesty I am really not sure about a bike!

I love the simplicity of the C90, the fact that it is cheap to run and insure is a massive bonus and for the novelty factor it cannot be beat.

So who knows, things change at an alarming rate for me so am happy to go with the flow.

The journey continues............. 

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