Thursday, July 24, 2014

Honda C90 Oil Change

I thought it about time that I did an oil change on poor old "Lucille".

The last one was done the night before my departure for my little jaunt around the UK!

So with fresh oil at the ready, which happens to be Tesco's Mineral Motor Oil 10w/40 cheap as you can possibly get, I set about sorting out something to catch the oil in.

Now, what worked perfectly was an empty plastic milk bottle led on it's side with a small slit cut into the side and my trusty funnel stuck in it.

Slid underneath the sump plug and hey presto, a unique and disposable oil catcher!

I left it to drain for a good hour in the sun, so most of it came out. The milk bottle can either have a piece of "Black Nasty" Gaffer Tape wrapped round it to seal the small hole. Or like I do, decant the oil into an old 5ltr jerry can for disposal down at the recycling plant.

I have just got back from taking "Lucille" out for a quick ride through the New Forest. With a new tyre on the rear and with 6mm of tread on the tyre, she did feel a bit twitchy to start with, but I've been out for over an hour and a half and it feels better all ready.

After tweeking the brakes they feel good, well, good for C90 standards!

The other thing I did today was refit a rigid "L" plate to the rear number plate along with a strengthening piece of metal acting as a clamp to secure both the "L" plate and my rubber mud flap to the number plate.

I also have on order a "30W CREE U2 LED Spot Fog Lamp Light Motorcycle Car Truck Waterproof" from Amazon. I have ordered two as these are to replace my running lights which I will be mounting on my screen as they do not give off as much light as I require.

The 30W Cree LED lights should be loads more powerful and hopefully make my night time drives a little less stressful.

I have also ordered today a foot plate, with so many good reviews, and for the price it is the one piece of kit I should of had right from the start!

So there you go, "Lucille" is running sweetly and is being pampered.

I was going to go away for a few days, but with moving house recently I cannot justify the time off when there are so many things to be done, such as painting!

Boring I know, but it has to be done. Hopefully I can get away for a weekend later on in the year once things have calmed down with the house.

The journey continues...........

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  1. Using the empty plastic milk bottle is a pretty wise thing to do, rather than using a small pail, since you easily dispose of the plastic bottle afterwards. Anyway, the Tesco's Mineral Motor Oil 10w/40 is a pretty good brand, and is quite cheap as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company