Monday, November 21, 2016

Baguettes On The Beach - Secret Spot!

A couple of Sundays ago the weather was looking promising, the kids were away and so we thought we would spend a couple of hours out on the Ural.

So me and my monkey/ballast/3bags/Kiera set off for a little ride around the New Forest which we are lucky enough to live in.

I was heading for a particular spot which is not that well known, but a great spot to to look out across the Solent towards the Isle of Wight.

The sun was shining but the there was a keen wind that took any warmth right out of the day, so we had to wrap up well.

Once there I set up the field kitchen straight off the back of the Ural, and started to fry up onions and sausages to go into the Baguettes.

The smell was amazing, with plenty of walkers going by and looking envious of our grub!

We spent a good hour or more there, but as it was a tad exposed the wind was biting, even with all the layers on.

A great spot, no more than 30 minutes from our house, obviously I cant tell you where it is or it wont be secret anymore!

The journey continues!!!

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