Monday, November 21, 2016

Dartmoor Mini Adventure Day 3 - Beating Storm Angus November 2016

After a rubbish night's sleep due to Storm Angus, I was rather glad to see that things weather wise were looking up!

But I had survived a bad storm, lots of people on my facebook page cannot understand why I do this, thinking I have lost the plot.

I have asked myself the same question and so I will try and explain the best I can why I feel the need to get away, especially during the winter!

I have always liked a challenge, I guess I would not of joined the Army if that was not the case. As I've got older (50 next year) I still feel the need to prove myself. I like being different, I also like being slightly eccentric. Doing things that not everyone would or could do is part of the fun. Kiera seems to think that some are actually envious, not sure about that as that would be mad!

But, if I was totally honest I really don't know why I need to do these things, it's a combination of escapism, enjoyment, challenging, and maybe, just because I can and that I have the full support and backing from Kiera makes a big difference.

Anyway after looking at the weather online I had decided that I would head home today, as the weather for Monday looked terrible with high winds and rain again! I was also missing Kiera, soppy bugger aren't I!

So I packed up, brewed up and ate breakfast.

It was back out across the Moor's with the sun shining, but bitterly cold. The views were amazing.

There was so much debris on the road, in places it looked as if whole banks of gravel had been deposited on the road, branches down and lots of standing water. On two wheels it would not of been a fun ride, but with three, I was loving it!

The Ural for me is the perfect bike, I can carry loads of gear, it is able to go anywhere and cope with all sorts of conditions and is fun to ride. I so wish I had taken my test years ago!

I travelled back the same way as I came, apart from Exeter, here I went through a totally different set of roads!

I was going to stop in Lyme Regis for lunch, but for a motorbike I found no where to park! No parking down at the Cobb or the little car park at the bottom of the high street. Unfortunately Lyme Regis you lost out on my money as I just carried on!

I finally made it back around 1540, tired and hungry. Kiera was cooking a roast, there were cold beers in the fridge and a hot shower awaited me. Happy days!

Where to next?

The journey continues..........................

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