Thursday, April 21, 2016

Honeymoon In Scotland Day 5

We woke to clear Skye sky's and a fantastic view from our window!

Today we were going back towards Dunvegan castle as we were told that there may be the possibility of spotting seals.

We stopped in a little boutique gift shop that Kiera had spotted yesterday, we ended up buying a book called "The Life And Death Of St Kilda" a story of a far flung Scottish island. It's story is remarkable and is well worth a read.

We decided not to stop at the castle as we had other plans for the day, but first seal spotting!

Driving past the castle we headed to Claigan and it wasn't long before Kiera spotted them on a little island!

If you look closely the little white splodges are seals! We had now spotted seals!

Now that we had seen seals we decided that a bit of fresh air may blow the cobwebs away. We had heard of a place with fantastic views and a bit of a walk which we could take.

This is where Kiera's sense of direction went slightly wrong! The place we were heading for was called the "Quirang". Kiera said that she had been talking to a little old man and he had said it was just South of Portree.

So off we went. Yes, the little old man was correct in that there was a "Quirang" just South of Portree, but it was a bloody bed and breakfast and not "The" "Quirang"!!!!!

Mind you the drive gave some great views across the island.

After consulting google we got on the right track and headed North!

Spotting some Highland cattle as we went.

It did not disappoint! In fact it was spectacular. Even the drive up to the top was amazing.

The photo's give a reasonable idea of it's grandeur, but to be honest it was breath taking!

We walked for around an hour, both of us still full of cold, headed back to the car park and had a freshly made tuna sandwich from the catering trailer parked there.

We decided that we had taken enough fresh air and headed back to the comfort of our rather splendid hotel at Skeabost.

That evening we had a couple of beers from the Innis and Gunn brewery in Edinburgh and another gorgeous meal, we have been truly spoilt with food so far on this trip!

The journey continues............

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