Sunday, April 10, 2016

Heading North To Scotland Day 1

Well, not as planned, but what could we do?

After checking the bike into the garage we dashed home where we had all ready emptied the panniers and repacked our clothes into more suitable luggage.

We had decided that we would not take the VW T25 but take our Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4. 

More for the comfort than anything else as we had also decided that we would not be roughing it, but when we could, we would find some rather posh hotels to stay in.

So with no real plan than to head North we set off around lunch time.

We made good time, and with no hold ups made it to the Lakes before we had our first pit stop.

Not hanging around we wanted to at least hit Scotland before we stopped for the evening.

Around 1800hrs we decided that we were ok to travel on a bit further and guessed this would be around 2000hrs. 

As this day and night was just travelling time we thought we would just check into a Travel Lodge/Premier Inn type place just to get our heads down before an early start the next morning.

We were soon approaching Annandale Water Services near Lockerbie, and as we pulled in we spotted a "Days Inn". A room for the night was £45.00 so we took it and settled in for the evening. I must admit it was clean, modern and did the job perfectly for the money. No complaints from either of us.

Not having eaten properly all day we thought we would go to the restaurant in the service area, but to our amazement all that was there was a Costa Coffee and a McDonalds!

Our first night of honeymoon and we dined out on Mcdonalds burger and chips!

Well, things can only get better!

The journey continues.......

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  1. It sounds like you're having a memorable honeymoon to say the least. You will look back on this trip and think about the difficulties, laughing at them as they are so minor compared to some of the other things that could have happened. Congratulations and all the best as you start a new adventure together!

    Martin @ Fiesta Hyundai