Thursday, April 14, 2016

Honeymoon In Scotland Day 4

Another murky start to the day, but fortified with a good breakfast, I had Scottish Salmon and scrambled eggs, we packed, took a walk around the Glengarry Castle Hotel grounds and packed the car.

Today we were heading for the Isle of Skye!

I had also come down with a heavy cold, and was sneezing and snotting everywhere, both of us were a bit of a sorry state!

We both agreed that being on a motorbike at this time would be no fun at all!

Last night we had looked on line and booked ourselves into another luxury hotel on the Isle.

We were heading for the Skeabosh Hotel on the banks of Loch Snizort Beag - We had the Honeymoon Suite booked!

But first we had to get there. Retracing our steps and our first stop was Eilean Donan Castle. It was raining but still breath taking in it's rugged beauty. Steeped in history it was painfully restored to it's current state, which is unbelievable.

We parked up, bought a ticket, walked over the bridge and into the castle. Still family owned it was a place where history just oozed from every brick.

We were not allowed to take photographs inside, but take a look at the website, the banquet room was absolutely splendid!

The journey onwards saw us go back through Glen Shiel and her Five Sisters following the A87 over the bridge and onto the Isle of Skye.

It was pouring down with rain, but all this did was make the scenery even more dramatic! 

We noticed on the map a little road that curled around the coast, so we took this road and at Loch Ainort we headed for Moll. At the head of Loch Ainort is a waterfall, and as it was chucking it down it was in full flow!

For the first time we saw the Salmon Sea Farms just off the coast, from now on we saw many of these as we toured.

The road was narrow, flooded in places and had some fairly good drops to my right to the sea! But the views - spectacular!

Back on the main road we managed to catch our breath and decided to do a bit of a tour of the Western side of the island.

We branched off onto the A863 and we headed for Dunvegan Castle. Another castle steeped in history.

We stopped for a quick brew in the castle cafe, but did not go in to the castle as it was late in the afternoon.

It was only a 10 minute drive to the hotel from here.

On arrival the hotel looked very grand, we checked in at the desk and were shown our room. Wow! The bathroom was bigger than the bedroom. The bedroom had a four poster bed and the most amazing view over the Loch!

It's a shame we were both feeling a little under the weather! But we did have two nights here!

Kiera had a soak in the roll top bath and I snoozed.

That evening we went down to the bar, and as I was stood ordering drinks I noticed that the bloke and his wife who had just walked in happened to be wearing a New Milton Rugby jacket!

This was too much of a coincidence surely! I asked if he was from New Milton, and in an Aussie accent said "No mate, we were staying with friends of ours who live there" He told me their names and I knew them!!!

Small world indeed! We both had a chuckle about it, and after a fabulous dinner we joined them for a few beers. Great night! Thanks Kev and Francis if you are reading this!!

The journey continues.................

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