Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 8 - Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End On A Honda C90

I had a bad nights sleep due to the constant pain in my knee, but at least it had not got any worse - if that was possible.

I showered, went down the stairs on my arse as I couldn't do the stairs and had a brew.

It was obvious I was going no where today. So I checked in for another night and decided I would spend the day resting my leg.

Thankfully I had a room to myself, which was just as well as I had used all the pillows and an extra duvet as the previous night I was shivering!

This was just the shock setting in and the fact I was on the border line for hypothermia!

I dozed most of the morning, more brews and some Scottish short bread biscuits made me feel much better.

Plenty of pain killers and fluids had me hobbling around by late afternoon and I went out to check on "Lucille". I tried to climb on which I could just about manage which gave me the boost I needed.

Back inside as it was still howling a gale outside, an evening meal of lasagne once again and I settled down for the night and hopefully a better nights sleep.

My room, bottom bunk, no way I could of made it to the top one!

Hostel kitchen, well appointed, with free Scottish shortbread biscuits!!

View from my bedroom window looking out onto the Kyle of Tongue

View from the kitchen sink!

Yesterday I did think that the trip may of been over, but after a day of total rest which was an absolute requirement I felt well enough to think about getting on with it. Not that it was ever really an option to quit. But it was touch and go.

The journey continues............................

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