Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 1 Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End On A Honda C90

Leaving Breage with the tank filled, I set off to Lands End, around a 30 minute trip.

Being Sunday morning and at just after 0700 hrs the roads were very quiet and it didn't take me long to get to Lands End.

I travelled light with no panniers, just a spare fuel can. 

On arrival the place was deserted, but there was a sign saying that if you needed help with verification then to go to the hotel reception.

A couple of photographs first:

Into the hotel, where I signed the book for all end to enders, then reception gave me the necessary paperwork and stamped it to make it all official. I have to collect 6 business/company stamps between here and John O'Groats to get my certificate of completion.

Back in the saddle and back to Breage where Sharon had cooked breakfast!

Finally getting away at around 1030 complete with a sticker added to my screen by Tom, a lemon, a pair of rubber gloves and a thermometer! Now if Ginger Toby was involved there could be a possible comedy connection, but as he wasn't I'll leave it at that!

I decided on a more direct route back, as the weather was against me. So back up the A394/A39/A390 Through Truro and St Austel.

It was just passed St Austell that I had a bit of a moment on the bike. It was very windy with some serious gusts of wind that made me wobble, but on an exposed bit of road I had a cross wind that nearly took the wheels out from underneath me.

It was a good job I was wearing proper motorbike boots, my right foot instinctively shot out and hit tarmac, twice! how I managed to stay on is a miracle. I now have a centre ridge in my seat where the cheeks of my arse gripped it so hard!

There were several other moments similar to this, but this was the worst.

Stopping just before Liskeard for fuel, no super unleaded again, I was a tad nervous about the Tamar bridge and cross winds! It's a bit high.

Through the tunnel and out onto the bridge, and yes bloody windy, now I'm not sure if the large 4x4 that pulled up level with me was a biker or not or it was just coincidence, but he kept level with me all the way, shielding me from the wind. I reckon he must of been a biker to do that as I was down to 20mph!

The elevated section going through Plymouth was also not fun!

Straight up the A38 to Exeter, picking up the A30 to Honiton then on the A35. East of Bridport was also interesting as not only was the wind bad, but it was raining, foggy and there was diesel all over the road! Nice!

Stopped at Winterbourne Abbas for fuel, yet again no super unleaded, but they were also struggling on the diesel, so a poor show all round here!

Home stretch as I was spending the night back home in my shoebox, Dorchester, Bere Regis through Bournemouth and back to Hordle which is just out side of Lymington.

A total of 253.9 miles ridden, my biggest day on Lucille ever! To be honest it was ok, would of been easier if not for the weather so a 300 plus day would be easily achievable.

As I travelling back the last 20 miles the heavens opened, so I had some serious amounts of wet gear to dry out.

The weather for Monday not looking good, so keeping options open.

Till later........

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  1. Great stuff. Very funny. I hope that ridge on your seat flattens out.....