Tuesday, February 13, 2018

March 2017 - Blackpool Here We Come

We travelled up for the weekend to Preston to see my lovely daughter Emily.

We spent the day in Blackpool, a brew at the top of the tower and a wander around the town. The weather was not brilliant so we kept it short and sweet.

We stayed in Preston in a hotel close to the centre of town, I was pleasantly surprised by Preston, it had some impressive buildings, and was not how I expected it to be which was all doom and gloom.

We had a good night out, with a few beers and found a rather lovely tavern down in the cellar just off the main shopping street.

Emily has lived in Preston for a good few years and it was her first time in this bar, and loved it. So much so that after we had left she introduced all her mates to it!

We had driven up in the car, it was just easy to do rather than take the Ural. Plus the weather was wet and horrible which would of made it a long trip!

I didn't get out as much as I would like during the month, but one memorable ride was taking my mate "Ghosty" to look at a car.

I say look, as that was what he was supposed to be doing, but he ended up buying it there and then and drove it home.

I reckon I must of traumatised him being sat in the chair!

Towards the end of the month the sky did clear enough for a quick trip out for a brew with a view.

One of my favourite spots to stop - on the cliff tops just outside of Milford on Sea looking towards the Isle of Wight.

In Bournemouth I spotted this little beauty in a shop window, I must admit to feeling sorry for it. A bike like that is just crying out to be used as it was intended, not as a shop prop.

The journey continues............

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