Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spare Clutch, Throttle and Choke Cables For Honda Varadero 1000cc Better Safe Than Sorry!

My spares policy has always been a bit overboard, but I think I have the balance about right.

On my recent trip to Devon I was in need of a rectifier, luckily I had a spare and it took just a few mins to replace the old one with the new one and I was on my way.

Without it, I would of required towing home!

I've since bought another, and with my clutch cable, choke and throttle cables I've covered about as much as I can.

I have a puncture repair kit, spare bulbs and a basic tool kit.

I did take out European cover with the AA, hopefully I will not need it, but as I said in the title of the post "Better Safe Than Sorry"!

We are more or less packed now and ready to take off this Monday evening, taking the night boat out of Portsmouth bound for Le Havre.

Docking at around 0830, we anticipate we will get to our first nights destination around 2000hrs. Taking plenty of stops and avoiding tolls and motorways where we can.

We are staying here for two nights, then heading across the mountains and south towards Nice, from here we will be hugging the French/Italian coast and heading to Pisa where we will turn inland toward Florence where we hope to spend a couple of days.

Our trip home takes us towards Lake Como, through Switzerland and across Germany and France back to Le Havre.

I'm hoping to update the blog as we go, but that all depends on time.

You can follow our trip on facebook, so please click on the link to the right.

This will probably be my last post now till after we get going, as Sunday I get married!!!!!

The journey continues................................

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