Monday, March 14, 2016

More Expense! - Replacement Parts - Tyres Chain Sprockets Brake Pads!

When I took the bike in for it's service recently it was pointed out to me that the front tyre would need replacing in another couple of thousand miles.

No problems with this as I had a brand new rear fitted when I bought the bike, and with our trip looming a new front tyre was a good idea.

I'm having the same tyre put on a, Metzeler Tourance. The one fitted has worked well in extreme rain, so more than happy to stick with what I know.

I also asked for the chain to be looked at, as I thought it had got a bit slack rather quickly. I was advised to have a new chain, as there is only so many times it can be tightened up and it was looking a bit worn.

Not only that, but with all the rubbish weather we have been having recently my scottoiler has clogged up and this has stopped working. Unfortunately this has resulted in a fine paste grinding my rear sprocket to pieces!

So I am having a new heavy duty chain fitted along with a new sprocket.

Whilst this was all going on they noticed my rear pads were looking a bit iffy, so new up rated ones are being fitted.

An expensive day today, as that little lot came in at just under £300.00 then I had the added expense of AA European Breakdown Cover which for our time abroad is costing £140.00.

I'm hoping that is it now!

The journey continues...........

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