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Friday, February 7, 2014

Honda C90 Feb Storm Adventure Day 2

I had booked in to the Red Lion at Winfrith for 2 nights so on the Wednesday morning I was in no rush to get up.

It had been very windy overnight with gusts of over 60mph. A few heavy and persistent showers as well.

I tried out my gas cooker which worked well and had a brew before wandering over to use the loo. This is where I noticed they had no power, the storm must of taken it out.

Back to my tent and chilled and read. Just after 12 I went back to the pub and spoke with the landlord, the power was still out!

How ironic that I in my tent was the only one able to make a brew and heat up some oxtail soup!

I then decided to head out on Lucille to the Tank Museum just up the road at Bovington. I spent a good couple of hours wandering around - it's an amazing place with some incredible displays. Also heard the engine running on a FV432 which brought back memories of my short time at 202 Signal Squadron at Paderborn.

Heading back into a head wind and even though I had no panniers the wind was that strong it was a struggle to go forward! At one point I had to drop into 2nd!

Got back, the pub had power so recharged my mobile fully and had a brew.

The showers on site were lovely and warm and recently refurbished so after this I was set for a pint or two and a mixed grill!

My second night was a bit calmer under canvas but I was still unsure as to what my plans would be for Thursday.

Checking the weather it had changed from sunny showers which I could live with to heavy rain all day which was bad news.

After some deliberation I decided that the kit test was done I didn't need to endanger myself by riding further away from home.

Although I did at the time feel I was wimping out! On reflection it was the right decision.

I packed up in light rain and headed off for home.

The rain got harder, the leg shields worked a treat but I stayed dry. Apart from my gloves which decided to leak!

I was relieved to get home and warm up!

So what did I learn from my trip?

Firstly that my tent a Vango Banshee 200 is not a 2 man tent but a 1 man tent with room to stow all your kit.

Secondly, that I need a thicker sleeping mat. It kept me insulated from the ground but I have sore hip bones as it just wasn't thick enough.

Thirdly, I need to get my front rack mounted as I found that having the extra kit behind me on the seat made me sit slightly forward which made it awkward to change gear.

Also for my trip I will be refuelling 3 or 4 times a day and having to unpack my luggage each time to lift the seat to get to the tank will be a pain!

So all in all a good test in possibly the worst conditions there could be.

Till latet........

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Honda C90 Feb Storm Adventure

I got Lucille back from the garage just after lunch time on Monday.

I then set about the mods I wanted to do. The leg shields went on with no problems and work really well.

I used Corolux roofing flashing bought from B&Q for less than £14 - bargain!

The drinks bottles I mounted to my top box but I didn't get around to mounting the mud flaps.

Packing was done so loaded up and headed up to Gillingham Dorset to my folks 44 miles away. Took me 2 hrs but as I'm fully loaded kept my speed right down.

It was starting to get dark so decided to wire on the 12v socket the next morning.

The socket was straight forward to do and looks a reasonably good job and works a treat charging my mobile which sits in a bum bag strapped to the handle bars.

I set off early afternoon and headed for my campsite at the Red Lion pub at Winfrith Newburgh.

On arrival I met the Landlord who I quickly discovered was also ex forces.

The tent was pitched up quickly considering it was a new tent I didn't bother with instructions but with only two poles it was impossible to go wrong.

I bought the Vango Banshee 200 I specifically went for this due to it's low profile.

With a severe storm approaching my tent and all kit stowed I fortified myself with a gallon of Guinness and slept really well.

The tent petformed brilliantly,  warm and dry and even with gale force wind she stayed put. So very impressed with the tent.

The gas cooker was also easy to use and light, the wind guard being an essential bit of kit.

So all in all I've done what I set out to do which was to test the kit. It so happened that it was during a massive storm so feel even more confident of things now.

The decision now is do I push on or head back home?

Till later. ........

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Honda C90 Kit Trials

With a week off I thought it a good idea to get out on "Lucille " and try out all the new kit I've recently bought.

Depending on what time I get her back from the garage I've a a few mods to do here before I head up to my folks in Gillingham Dorset where she will be having a 12v socket fitted for charging my mobile.

However before that I've got to fit mud guard extensions. I'm going to use a rubber car mat to do the job.

Then leg shield extensions. For this I'm using some corolux corrugated roof flashing! It's got a flat piece which I'm going to bolt onto the leg shield it is flexible enough that it should follow the curve of the shield!

Some more drinks bottle holders which will go on the front of the leg shield and the tent will be lashed to this and possibly my sleeping mat!

Well that's the plan - pics to follow!

After Gillingham I was left with two travel options. Either head for Cornwall or across to Wales. At the moment the idea is to head for the Brecons and from there the coast.

Extreme weather has been forecast with heavy rain and high winds but you can't let that put you off I wont dissolve if I get wet!

So who knows where I will end up!

Till later...........

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lucille Diagnosed!

Good news and bad news!

Firstly the good news - Lucille did not start through no fault of her own!
The bad news is she did not start as a bloody mouse had decided to make it's home up under the leg shields on top of the engine and in the process eat the wiring loom and other rubber/plastic components!

All because I bought a cover to save her from the elements!  Too cosy!

So the hospital are working on her and she should be back on the road for Monday!!

Just in time for my weeks holiday!

Till later........