Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Honda C90 Feb Storm Adventure

I got Lucille back from the garage just after lunch time on Monday.

I then set about the mods I wanted to do. The leg shields went on with no problems and work really well.

I used Corolux roofing flashing bought from B&Q for less than £14 - bargain!

The drinks bottles I mounted to my top box but I didn't get around to mounting the mud flaps.

Packing was done so loaded up and headed up to Gillingham Dorset to my folks 44 miles away. Took me 2 hrs but as I'm fully loaded kept my speed right down.

It was starting to get dark so decided to wire on the 12v socket the next morning.

The socket was straight forward to do and looks a reasonably good job and works a treat charging my mobile which sits in a bum bag strapped to the handle bars.

I set off early afternoon and headed for my campsite at the Red Lion pub at Winfrith Newburgh.

On arrival I met the Landlord who I quickly discovered was also ex forces.

The tent was pitched up quickly considering it was a new tent I didn't bother with instructions but with only two poles it was impossible to go wrong.

I bought the Vango Banshee 200 I specifically went for this due to it's low profile.

With a severe storm approaching my tent and all kit stowed I fortified myself with a gallon of Guinness and slept really well.

The tent petformed brilliantly,  warm and dry and even with gale force wind she stayed put. So very impressed with the tent.

The gas cooker was also easy to use and light, the wind guard being an essential bit of kit.

So all in all I've done what I set out to do which was to test the kit. It so happened that it was during a massive storm so feel even more confident of things now.

The decision now is do I push on or head back home?

Till later. ........


  1. Good to see you are on the road again. You seem to be asking a lot of that wee bike with all the gear that you are carrying. We will continue to follow your adventures with interest.
    Robin & Jenny

  2. You got any info on the 12v socket you used?