Sunday, February 2, 2014

Honda C90 Kit Trials

With a week off I thought it a good idea to get out on "Lucille " and try out all the new kit I've recently bought.

Depending on what time I get her back from the garage I've a a few mods to do here before I head up to my folks in Gillingham Dorset where she will be having a 12v socket fitted for charging my mobile.

However before that I've got to fit mud guard extensions. I'm going to use a rubber car mat to do the job.

Then leg shield extensions. For this I'm using some corolux corrugated roof flashing! It's got a flat piece which I'm going to bolt onto the leg shield it is flexible enough that it should follow the curve of the shield!

Some more drinks bottle holders which will go on the front of the leg shield and the tent will be lashed to this and possibly my sleeping mat!

Well that's the plan - pics to follow!

After Gillingham I was left with two travel options. Either head for Cornwall or across to Wales. At the moment the idea is to head for the Brecons and from there the coast.

Extreme weather has been forecast with heavy rain and high winds but you can't let that put you off I wont dissolve if I get wet!

So who knows where I will end up!

Till later...........

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