Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lucille Off To Hospital

Tried unsuccessfully to fire up Lucille today. She has been covered up but the damp has got to the poor old girl!

So a trip to Bursey Engineering in New Milton and explained the problem and she is being collected later today for some TLC.

Just over 9 weeks to go now and it's all slowly starting to dawn on me that it's all real and I'm really about to start a 3500 mile marathon!

Also today I called in to my local newspaper office to see if they would be interested in running a story. The girls on the front desk found it highly amusing and I was soon talking to a reporter. I've got to go back with Lucille all kitted up for a photograph! Fame at last!

The clock is now ticking very fast and loud. Next week I am hoping to get away for a few days to test all my new camping gear. Praying for half decent or just dry weather!

Till later.......

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