Friday, July 12, 2013

Route Plan B

Well things are coming along fine with this challenge of mine.

So far we have raised £80.00 which is a fantastic start, thank you to those who donated, it really is appreciated.

I've been taking a more in depth look at my route. My main concern is riding a low powered motorbike at 30 to 40mph on busy roads.

As I do not have a full bike licence I am not allowed on motorways, not that I would anyway, how boring would that be!

But, I've also decided that unless absolutely necessary I will avoid dual carriageways as well.

When I first planned out the route I didn't take this into consideration, but with the help of Google Maps and more importantly "Street View" you can see exactly what type of roads I will be riding along.

This was really brought home the other day with the unfortunate deaths of two cyclists attempting the Lands End to John O'Groats ride for charity. Full Details Here.

Who is to say that smaller roads are any safer, but having travelled the A30 on numerous occasions Ill take my chances with the smaller ones!

The mileage will increase, but I am now riding through a good chunk of Wales, as my proposed route took me straight up the A5 which has long dual carriageway stretches.

One part I'm  not looking forward to is the Mersey Tunnel. However the time I intend to go through it I should be ok (early o'clock)!

I've also been looking into coming back down the West coast of Scotland and doing a bit of island hopping!

For a motorbike it isn't that expensive on the ferry's and as it is an adventure, why not! Really depends on weather, as the ferry's can be cancelled for days, so the last thing I want to be is stranded!

The team at "Help For Heroes" are doing a grand job and sending me out promotional material which I can give away in return for a very small donation!

Also sponsorship forms have been sent over to me, so those once printed out will be doing the rounds.

In a couple of weeks we are off to Ireland on a camping tour, so all will be quiet for a bit.

Till later.....................

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